Sinkronics were formed in 1999 when DJ Chili and VJs Fane & Pec decided to start promoting breakbeat culture with the emphasis on drum'n'bass music and club-wise visual expression. Their movement also presents the neglected forms of electronic music like 2step (UK garage), trip-hop and lounge as they are striving to offer a good alternative to mainstream genres such as house and trance. At first they were active only in northeast Slovenia, taking a residency in Kljub club (2001) and later, with the crew's expansion, spread the promotion throughout the country, as newcomers DJ Milojko, MC Maki and singer Kailas joined Sinkronics. At the moment the group consists of DJs Chili, a long time freelancer Dan Mitra, the up and coming Jasarov + Funpace on visuals and Dee on vocals.

photo: Gašper Domjan